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    Appointment process phases

    After announcing the vacancies for judicial and prosecutorial posts, the appointment process goes through several phases:

    Phase I – Receiving applications

    Within the deadlines set for each round of vacancy announcements, the Appointment Department shall receive applications for particular vacant posts. Each application shall be registered under unique number. Original of the application material shall be filed in the existing personal dossier for the candidates who are sitting judges and prosecutors, and in the newly established personal dossier for all other candidates. Only applications that are timely submitted and complete shall be registered.

    Phase II – Verification of applications

    Verification procedure includes full review of each application. Verification officer shall verify the compliance with the property laws and accordingly, obtain any information or the documentation missing in the application form. Simultaneously, he/she shall verify if the application material contains all necessary documentation and proof of facts, and if necessary, contact the candidate. The applicant shall be obliged to provide all information in order that any issue pertinent to his/her application is resolved.

    The data contained in the application material of each candidate shall be entered into the computer database, so that the panel members interviewing the candidates receive hard copies of forms showing all relevant data related to a particular candidate together with his/her complete application material. The form includes the statement of actions taken by the verification officer, as well as the data of the applications submitted to the Office of Disciplinary Counsel.

    The purpose of this Form is to provide the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council (the Council) with the overview of favorable and unfavorable details on each applicant.

    Phase III – Consideration of applications by the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council

    The Nomination Sub-Council, composed of the Council Members, shall subsequently receive the list containing all names of the candidates applying for particular posts from the Appointment Department. The list contains the basic data on the candidates. The Sub-Council shall select candidates and decide whom to invite for an interview and which candidates shall be considered without being called for an interview (i.e. candidates who have been interviewed earlier), taking into account the information prepared by the Appointment Department.

    After the interviews, the references of each candidate shall be checked, and at the very end of this process, on the HJPC session, the Sub-Council shall make proposal for appointments of the best candidates.

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