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  • Integrity of Judicial Officers Department

    Judicial Integrity Department


    Main duties of the Judicial Integrity Department:

    • Monitoring the application of the codes of judicial and prosecutorial ethics and regulations on the prevention of conflicts of interest in the judiciary, proposing improvements to the HJPC BiH, and ensuring the dissemination of necessary information to judicial office holders and the public;
    • Monitoring the implementation of integrity plans in judicial institutions and the HJPC BiH, suggesting improvements to the HJPC BiH and judicial institutions;
    • Monitoring adherence to laws and regulations governing personal financial disclosure statements of judges and prosecutors and checking whether the statements were submitted in time and are complete;
    • Providing expert and administrative support to the relevant standing committees, disciplinary panels, and other standing and interim bodies within the HJPC BiH, keeping records on their work and publishing decisions on the judicial web portal;
    • Entering, updating and managing data in the existing databases and, in coordination with the ICT Department, participating in the assessment and design of software solutions/improvements for databases, systems and processes essential for supporting the operation of the Department;
    • Providing expert support within the Department's scope of responsibility to the standing committees and other working bodies within the HJPC BiH;
    • Participating in midterm planning, annual programming, monitoring and reporting within the HJPC BiH;
    • Identifying, developing and implementing new and improved methods of work to support the development of the Secretariat of the HJPC BiH and realisation of the set goals of the HJPC BiH;
    • Performing other professional, analytical and administrative tasks arising from the competence of the Department and other duties as assigned by the Director of the HJPC Secretariat.
    • You can download relevant materials related to the area of integrity of judicial office holders at the following link;

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