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  • Finance and Accounting Department

    Finance and Accounting Department


    Main duties of the Finance and Accounting Department:

    • Planning and execution of the budget of the HJPC BiH and project budgets, financial and accounting activities, budget accounting activities and preparation of financial reports including preparation of budget framework paper and annual budget requests, preparation and monitoring of expenditure dynamics, initiation and preparation of budget restructuring and redistribution proposals, current reserve funds, multi-year investment projects and special purpose projects, as well as the preparation of documentation for and support to internal controls and audits and external audits;
    • Planning and procurement of goods, services and works for the purposes of the HJPC BiH and judicial institutions and execution of contracts;
    • Determining and processing requests, calculation and payment of salaries and allowances to employees and members of the Council and other natural persons hired to provide services on a contract basis, members of working bodies, experts, etc.
    • Participation in the drafting of agreements, memoranda of understanding and other documents, in particular those having financial implications;
    • Establishment and maintenance of an adequate financial management and accounting control system;
    • Preparation and updating of internal general and individual acts, procedures, instructions, opinions, analytical, informative and other materials falling within the scope of work of the Department;
    • Cooperation with competent institutions on all matters falling within the scope of competences of the Department, including the Ministry of Finance and Treasury of BiH, the Public Procurement Agency, the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, the Central Harmonisation Unit and institutions / entities responsible for audit, donors and other entities;
    • Entering, updating and managing data in the existing databases, and, in coordination with the ICT Department, participating in the assessment and design of software solutions/improvements for databases, systems and processes essential for supporting the operation of the Department;
    • Support to standing committees and other working bodies of the HJPC;
    • Participating in midterm planning, annual programming, monitoring and reporting within the HJPC BiH;
    • Identifying, developing and implementing new and improved methods of work to support the development of the Secretariat of the HJPC BiH and realisation of the set goals of the HJPC BiH;
    • Other tasks arising from the competence of the Department and other duties as assigned by the Director of the HJPC Secretariat.

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