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  • High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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    Legal Department


    Main duties of the Legal Department:

    • Monitoring of and reporting on the activities of the competent authorities in relation to proposing and adoption of regulations concerning the HJPC BiH and the judiciary;
    • Professional and administrative support for Council sessions, including the preparation of materials for Council sessions and the preparation of Council decisions within the scope of the Department, preparation of draft agendas, management of e-sessions, and preparation of minutes and conclusions, and information on the implementation of conclusions;
    • Professional and administrative support to the relevant standing committee and working bodies of the Council;
    • Participation in activities within the scope of work of the Department related to external working bodies in which the HJPC BiH is involved, as well as in external working groups falling within the scope of competences of the Council;
    • Preparation of internal general acts, and provision of legal advice, guidelines and administrative support regarding the laws, practices and procedures to the departments of the HJPC BiH Secretariat and the Cabinet to support their work as necessary;
    • Drafting of general and individual acts of the HJPC BiH falling within the scope of competences of the Council;
    • Consultations on matters falling within the scope of competences of other departments of the HJPC BIH Secretariat and the Cabinet, as necessary;
    • Preparation of information, reports, analyses, opinions and other documents on legal issues related to the functioning of the HJPC BiH and the judicial system in BiH;
    • Drafting statements, responses and other submissions in proceedings before courts and other competent bodies in which the Council is a party to;
    • Entering, updating and managing data in the existing databases, and, in coordination with the ICT Department, participating in the assessment and design of software solutions/improvements for databases, systems and processes essential for supporting the operation of the Department;
    • Participating in midterm planning, annual programming, monitoring and reporting within the HJPC BiH;
    • Identifying, developing and implementing new and improved methods of work to support the development of the Secretariat of the HJPC BiH and realisation of the set goals of the HJPC BiH;
    • Other tasks arising from the competence of the Department and other duties as assigned by the Director of the HJPC Secretariat.

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