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  • Human Resource Management and Administration Department

    Human Resource Management and Administration Department


    Main duties of the Human Resource Management and Administration Department:

    • Implementation of HR policy of the HJPC BiH by applying the Human Resource Management Strategy and by promoting and implementing best human resources management practices;
    • Conducting recruitment procedure for all positions in the HJPC BiH, as well as for projects implemented by the HJPC BiH, with or without employment contract, including all processes related to the exercise of employment rights;
    • Preparation and implementation of the employee performance appraisal procedure using the competency framework and other relevant regulations; Needs analysis and preparation of strategies and plans for employee development, training and professional development, and conducting training approval procedure;
    • Keeping personnel and employment records, issuance of certificates and other documents about the facts on which official records are kept;
    • Keeping appropriate statistics on employees and reporting;
    • Employee attendance monitoring and attendance record keeping using magnetic cards;
    • Updating and participating, in cooperation with the ICT Department, in the development of HRM IT system and other databases in accordance with the needs of the HJPC BiH;
    • Administrative support for the functioning of the HJPC BiH, including: Establishment and maintenance of functional infrastructure, i.e. premises and equipment, office supplies and equipment, ensuring optimum working, technical and hygienic conditions in the HJPC BiH, ensuring the functioning of the HJPC BiH kitchen, running the HJPC BiH library;
    • Allocation of technical equipment to employees, including computers, laptops, printers, telephones, and similar equipment; allocation of electronic resources to employees;
    • Ensuring efficient office and archive management in the HJPC BiH through the registry office and e-registry of the HJPC BiH;
    • Fleet vehicle maintenance and management; driver scheduling and coordination, maintenance services and procurement for official vehicles of the HJPC BiH;
    • Translation coordination;
    • Cooperation with competent institutions of all matters falling within the scope of competence of the Department, and in particular with the Civil Service Agency of BiH;
    • Entering, updating and managing data in the existing databases, and, in coordination with the ICT Department, participating in the assessment and design of software solutions/improvements for databases, systems and processes essential for supporting the operation of the Department;
    • Providing expert support within the Department's scope of responsibility to the standing committees and other working bodies within the HJPC BiH;
    • Participating in midterm planning, annual programming, monitoring and reporting within the HJPC BiH;
    • Identifying, developing and implementing new and improved methods of work to support the development of the Secretariat of the HJPC BiH and realisation of the set goals of the HJPC BiH;
    • Other tasks arising from the competence of the Department and other duties as assigned by the Director of the HJPC Secretariat.


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