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  • High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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  • Court Documentation and Education Department

    Judicial Documentation and Training Department


    Main duties of the Judicial Documentation and Training Department:

    • Development of the Training Policy for judicial office holders and supervision over its implementation;
    • Mapping and coordination of projects with a training component;
    • Cooperation with judicial institutions, JPTCs and competent departments and bodies of the HJPC BiH in conducting regular training needs analysis and defining induction training and professional development programme;
    • Coordination of other matters pertaining to training of judges and prosecutors falling under the scope of competences of the HJPC BiH;
    • Evaluation of effectiveness of judicial training programmes in cooperation with the JPTCs;
    • Compiling of relevant documents and training materials from international seminars and making them available to the judicial community for the purpose of knowledge exchange;
    • Professional support to standing committees and other working bodies of the HJPC BiH;
    • Developing and monitoring the implementation of the mentoring system in judicial institutions;
    • Coordination and support of the work of the panel for harmonisation of case law;
    • Entering, updating and managing data in the existing databases, and in coordination with the ICT Department, participating in the assessment and design of software solutions/improvements for databases, systems and processes essential for supporting the operation of the Department;
    • Participating in midterm planning, annual programming, monitoring and reporting within the HJPC BiH;
    • Identifying, developing and implementing new and improved methods of work to support the development of the Secretariat of the HJPC BiH and realisation of the set goals of the HJPC BiH;
    • Other tasks arising from the competence of the Department and other duties as assigned by the Director of the HJPC Secretariat.

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