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HJPC Budget

Some activities of the HJPC are funded from the BiH state budget, while project activities focused on judicial reform are funded from donor funds.

In accordance with the Law on the Budget of BiH Institutions and of International Obligations of BiH, the 2013 budget amounted to 5,554,000 KM, of which 1,000,000 KM were approved for a multi-year capital investments project titled “Computerisation and Judicial Capacity Building in Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

In addition to that, the unspent capital expenditures from 2012 amounting to 1,210,640 KM were carried over to the 2013 budget, as well as the proceeds from the disposal of assets amounting to 28,360 KM, so the total HJPC budget for 2013 amounted to 6,793,000 KM.

Budget execution for current expenditures in 2013 amounted to 4,475,117 KM or 98%, while the remaining unspent funds amounted to 72,708 KM or 2%.

Budget execution for capital expenditures and capital grants in 2013 amounted to 1,596,931 KM or 71%. A part of unspent funds from a multi-year project titled “Computerisation and Judicial Capacity Building in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, amounting to  647,218.29 KM, will be realised in the course of 2014 fiscal year, according to a project activity schedule.

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