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Vision, mission, mandate and key principles


HJPC BiH continuously contributes to strengthening the rule of law in BiH.


To enable equal access to justice and equality of all citizens before the law by maintaining an independent, impartial, professional and efficient judicial system in BiH.  

HJPC’s competences are laid down by the Law on HJPC and relate, inter alia, to:

  • appointment of judicial office holders across all levels of the BiH judiciary, discipline of judges and prosecutors;
  • professional development of judges and prosecutors;
  • proposing annual budget for courts and prosecutor’s offices; 
  • judicial administration and supervision; 
  • coordination and supervision over the use of information technology by courts and prosecutors’ offices; 
  • providing opinions on draft laws, regulations, or issues of importance that may affect the judiciary; and 
  • initiating the adoption of relevant legislation and other regulations in areas of relevance for the judiciary.

Key principles

The HJPC’s Strategic Plan sets out four key principles underlying a functional judicial system: efficiency, quality, accountability and independence.

The need for further strengthening and maintaining independence, accountability, efficiency, professionalism and consistency of the justice system, which ensures the rule of law in BiH,  is also outlined in the BiH Justice Sector Reform Strategy.

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